Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What's wrong with the international organizations

Honestly, I never understood and fully accepted the idea of rotation of the chairmanship-in-office, either it is about the famous UN Human Rights Commissions, where the champions of oppressions as Libya, Iran or Cuba were the proud chiefs despite their deep despise about such issues.
But the UN is not, by far, the only place where such abnormalities can happen. Take, for instance the case of the OSCE, an organization fighting for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Ukraine, the president during 2013, announced today its agenda. An important player in the region, mainly in solving the Transdniestr conflict, Ukraine is at the same time a country with a problematic democratic record. What about the NATO member Turkey, where in the last years the human rights situation deteriorated permanently? Or the EU and NATO member Hungary from where you can read almost daily news about the far right?
Democracy is mostly an idea and from the practical point of view we must rather talk about various democratic options and solutions instead that a single democratic standards. But, at least from the theoretical point of view, democracy is always endangered by corruption, racism and lack of proper separation of the powers. 
The current institutional system stressing the equal rights of the countries only because they are countries is not only unfair but counterproductive and diminishes the legitimacy of the entire institutional system as such.

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