Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cold War Stories

Being in between project is never easy, including for someone always busy writing, as the author of this small post. However, writing about foreign policy and international relations in general, and bringing to life interesting and fresh perspectives it is not that easy. With that blog I tried various recipes, from simply copy-pasting various international news and organizing it under a theme - long before spotify was on the market, to analyses on particular topics and outstanding information.
As I am (still) writing a booklet about social media and foreign relations, I dedicated quite a good amount of study to this topic and most probably I will continue to outline the topic at least till my work will be published - I hope to happen in the next 2-3 months though. The most important part of the blog will be dedicated to analysis the consequences of the Cold War to the current state of foreign affairs. Being a grown up in the time when the news about the imminent confrontation between the East and the West were permanently in the news I had a strong feeling and still fresh memories about those times. Also, as a historian by background I suspect that the radical change of paradigm to the 'new' world will still take some time and thus, the remnants will continue to hunt our world for a long time from now.
Because history is made up of small histories, I will try to read many of the episodes of the current world using the past background of the cold times. It does not necessarily work all the time, but at least when it comes to some big conflicts, as it is the case of the tensed situation in the Middle East (by the way, did you know for how many months a slaughter is taking place in Syria and not too many otherwise sensitive persons when it comes to other countries seem to feel ashamed for the lack of intervention) or the evolutions in Russia.
I promise, but not sure, that I will be able to post frequently but at least I give my word to my readers that every time something interesting will take place, will always be around to comment.