Monday, June 11, 2012

The blogging break is over

We are back! After more than 3 months of vacation, the blog will be updated at least twice the week and as often as possible, with the latest foreign affairs news and analysis. A special post per week will be dedicated to book reviews about foreign affairs and international politics, but especially about the ways in which social media influenced the current management of the diplomatic affairs.

Any writer needs from time to time a little bit of a break. When you are a blogger, you are more exposed than a journalist and a writer together to come up with new information and fresh analysis. Faced with a very busy academic and writing schedule, we took a break but at least once the week we thought lately about the moment when the time will allow a comeback.

The time has come and, sooner than expected, the interesting news will be published, for the wisest lecture of our smart readers. We thank you to all our  readers and promise not to disappoint at all!

ForeignPolicyFocus Team

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