Friday, June 15, 2012

Voting week-end

The world is very busy in the last years, especially after the Cold War was over and the nations and their leaders tried to find their ways to the roads to local and international power.
But the world is even busier in the last weeks and days: from Egypt to the Republican France, going through the craddle of democracy - your guess is right, this stereotypical image applies to Athens - people are called to decide.
It will be a busy week-end, with important consequences for the world.
First, Greece will need to vote for a new Government that will continue the further discussions about the fate of the country in the euro-zone. Also of first importance are the presidential elections in Egypt, where the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood challenges a former military, especially after this week, the Parliament was dissolved. Most probably, the new elections will follow soon. After the first victory of a Socialist candidate for the presidency, France will vote this week-end for its representatives in the legislature. If the majority will be socialist too, Monsieur Hollande will have a good start in an already complicated world.

Later in the day, we will offer analysis about the three cases with updates on Sunday.

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