Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tech Warfare in Gaza Spreads

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The centuries-old conflict in the ancient Middle East is being influenced by a young generation of citizens, soldiers and militants who have grown up using new media.

Cellphones are being used as a form of psychological warfare to send threatening text messages. Here are a few examples of the use of new media in the Gaza war:
  • Israeli government officials have also been using technology such as text messaging, social networking sites on Facebook and MySpace and the microblogging site Twitter to communicate Israel's point of view to the western world and to a younger demographic.
  • Relief efforts and various organizations are finding a strong donor base in young people online who are using the internet to form grassroots movements and to co-ordinate fundraising events in support of Palestine.
  • The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has its own YouTube Channel and according to an ISF spokesman, contains "exclusive footage showing the IDF's operation success".
Stay tuned as the high tech new world continues to collide with centuries-old conflicts.

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