Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not everything started with us

Terrorism is not a reality we started to face only since 2001. The ways in which we, as Westerners, reconsidered the phenomenon and found appropriate to take action - using various tools - are different. Because, we, as history subjects are different, living in a different environment and give a different value to our life. Paul Berman, in Terror and Liberalism, is going far into the roots of the phenomenon as such and beyond the too facile explanation according to the "clash of civilizations"' paradigm. Rather, the conflict is between freedom and totalitarianism, started in Europe and after, translated in a various cultural context in the Muslim world.

Also on Paul Berman - Should We Love Che Guevara?, Slate, 2004 - Che Guevara is a political icon, but are we really aware of his bio and his deep creed? Or simply, we don't care too much, as long as it is an ideological fashion and nothing more?

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