Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some hints about the vote in UK

An interesting aspect is the introduction - not here for the first time, of course, but I noticed the sense of emergency induced - of the environmental priorities. Franny Armstrong's movie The Age of Stupid was distributed with free access two days before the elections, to make people aware of the necessity to turn their vote in favor of those supporting anti-climate change policies. The movie is designed to convince not to charm: fragments of global warming episodes - including Katrina - are mixed with real-time interviews and various testimonies, taking place in a futuristic, end-of-the world setting. I hope to have one day the appropriate time to dedicate a longer article to the problematic of global warming translated at the level of international affairs. As for now, I am trully preoccupied by all these issues, but in the same time I cannot stop observing various ideological arguments associated to the very beginning of this ecologist movement, in the 60s-70s, during the Cold War, under the close surveillance and generous funding of some Soviet connections.

But, beyond any doubts, introducing environmental issues on the political agenda is a very interesting fact and it would be interesting to find possible quantitative evaluations of the impact of these issues on the general public.

A couple of other news about the elections:

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