Monday, May 31, 2010

Answering or not?

I agree it was a deliberate acte of provocation. But, once they were let in, there were possible repetition of the action and so on and so forth. They acted aiming for exactly the results they were expecting. It is no surprise or wonder. As it is not a wonder that by this, the possibilities for a peace discussion is again very very far away. Otherwise, with peace in the Middle East, dictatorial countries from the Middle East will not have any other arguments to deliver for their lack of coherence and arbitrary.

And, the rules are the rules. In democracy. Not in tribal arrangements.

This idea expressed in Jewlicious reminded me of the movie I saw yesterday night - Checkpoint, by Yoav Shamir. A movie I consider biased and unequal. Many people of Arab origin who wanted to cross, but lacking proper documents, were tempted to bargain with the soldiers, waiting for small / not legal arrangements. With such a behavior you will never be able to get anything but corruption and the lack of any rule of law.

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