Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rashid Khalidi on the new US policies in the Middle East

The interview is enforcing and outlining several old or less old perspectives:
- it is coming from one of the few proeminent Palestinian intellectuals, but it failing to address from an intellectual and critical - of all parts involved - including the one he is belonging to
- it is expressing a certain sense of hope - wishful thinking - for a relative reshaping process of the US interests in the Middle East. He is having a certain tone of telling things from the source.
- in many respects it is reflecting some changes already in process regarding the relationship between US and Israel, and the question is if this change is the result of a certain Palestinian lobby at the level of the current administration.
- it is not too much - or almost nothing - about the possibilities of a certain cooperation on the ground between Israelis and Palestinians.
- he is insisting of the end of the Cold War understanding of the Middle East, but his ideas are tributary to this kind of logic, with third-world accents and the attitude of asking the help and support only because it is assumed belonging to the good side of the story.

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