Thursday, December 4, 2008

"We don't have any trace that leads to Mladic, unless a miracle happens"

Where is Radko Mladic? The Belgrad authorities are saying they do their best, but a miracle is needed, NATO is trying to find some connections with 13 years haunted fugitive Radovan Karadzic, whose trial is scheduled to start end January 2009, according to officials from the Hague Tribunal. How he was able to hide for such a long time, despite constant and systematic searches all over the Balkans- mainly from the part of NATO? Hiding under new identity and look, Karadzic used to sip regularly his red wine at the Belgrad's pub "Madhouse".
The wars in the Balkans were a profitable business, some of direct beneficiaries being helpful later, in hard times. Zoran Djindjici's killers were former "Red Berets" squad members, reconverted into the mafia businesses of the Zemun gang. And the explanation of the murder is not clear at all.

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