Monday, December 22, 2008

Condoleezza Rice hopes in a "vindication" for W. Bush

Condoleezza Rice said in an interview for AFP that "history will vindicate Bush" in his major foreign policy choices. She's planning to write two books: one on his Afro-American heritage and another on the foreign policy, but before she needs a break to think about everything.

The leaders from the Middle East tried, by very expensive gifts, to win the hearts and minds of the Bush administration, the top diplomat being the top target of their attention.

In FT, Condoleezza considered that Obama's stance on diplomacy is likely to mirror Bush's. Thinking on the long term, the chief of the US diplomacy agreed it is a high wave of disapproval of US stance in the Arab world, who haven't start and will not stop with the Bush administration.

Rice is continuously working until the new team is installed, being waited the first days of January in China, for the anniversary of 30 years of diplomatic relations.

The next Secretary of State, Hilary R. Clinton, is preparing to take the new position by reshaping the State Department for a stronger role, reintroducing the practice of the special envoys - used during the Clinton times - and looking forward to get bigger financial support.


Chris Johnson said...

I tend to think that history will prove that the Bush years were some of the most destructive that we have seen in American history. The United States has gone so far backward in such a short period of time that it is going to take quite a while to dig out of the huge mess that has been created. Condoleezza Rice is complicit in war crimes and should be investigated for her role in approving torture policies.

Foreign Policy Focus said...

History showed that is neither black or white. In some cases, as in the case of Iraq, taking action is involving risks. But, not taking action could be more dangerous and could create more consequences. And rarely people are investigated for not taking action. You have the right to elect or not those who represent the mainstream public opinion. As you probably know, unfortunately they are many countries in the world were citizens aren't allowed to do so.