Sunday, January 2, 2011


I have the great pleasure to introduce to my readers a new - entertainment like - section of my blog: movie reviews, with connection with foreign affairs. Movies are a mirror of mentalities and we only have to think about the period of the "atomic bomb" for realizing how much the visual narratives are used for creating a certain mind framework. And, nevertheless we need some relaxing times from time to time, far away of the world of serious decisions and power brokers, isn't it?
For the beginning I recommend you Salt - the story of a CIA agent (Angelina Jolie) fighting to prove its innocence - by killing everything moving around her, as a brave role model - against the accusations of being a Soviet spy. The movie was released in 2010, and it is about an impressive network of Soviet spies, made of children whose parents died (or were killed) in the Soviet Union. They were brainwashed, educated and sent abroad to infiltrate the America's centers of command. Again, we are in 2010, more than 20 years after the end of the Cold War. The main interest of the network is to start a nuclear war - as in the old good times, in the 60s, if do you remember...But, even in some cases the names changed, you have only to think a bit back a couple of month ago about the famous Ana Chapman's network of spies dismantled in the US. The mindset didn't changed too much, only the age and appearance of the instruments. After 11/9 we got used with the movies focused on terrorism and this one is like a flash back from the not-so-far history. A big country is always facing big enemies, from all sides.
As in this latest big spy case, the network is freely operating in the very heart of the American Empire and probably in the real world, this is exactly like this. From the very beginning, the family name of the powerful agent reminds me of the SALT - Strategic Arms Limitation Talks, started in the 60s between the USA and the Soviet Union on the issue of armament control. The movie is full of suspense and action and Jolie's acrobatics to escape her followers are breathtaking in some cases. And at the end, the mission is accomplished and the discrete agent is disappearing from the public eyes. End of this game. To be continued.
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