Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Movie review: In this World

The world is not fair and the place you are born in might be a luck or a curse. Following the silk road of despair presented in the movie In this World, I had a couple of pessimistic thoughts about how limited our chances might be sometimes and how easily do we waste the lucky cards, simply because we don't know how it is to have a bad life. 
The movie is the story of two Afghans, Enayat and Jamal, living for years in a refugee camp in Shamshatoo, from the time of the Soviet invasion. In such places, people are living short, in misery, children face the reality of life from early age and, without any clear future, would be recruited by various terrorist gangs. It is not the lack of Western-wise comfort and easy life that is shocking, but the stucked lives: it is not tomorrow, only the present dedicated to survival. The two Afghans are sent by their family - we don't see any women side of the family, but a society dominated by men - in London, smuggled through Iran, Turkey, via Italy and with the final destination: London. No papers, just money and some telephone numbers. A huge invisible because nobody cares about them network is put into movement by money. Money can't buy a new life, as it is the case of Enayat, who didn't survive the trip on container. Jamal is luckier, but not lucky enough to be provided refugee status in the UK and will have to leave the country before 18. 
This is a problem with granting refugee status, but it is a problem for Europe as well, overexposed by the illegal networks using humans as animals. It is a problem for the Afghan kids as well, who don't have the chance to a normal life, school and education. It is a human problem of all of us, far beyond the old Silk Road.
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