Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fighting their own demons

Again, a realistic piece of article about the Middle East, from a perspective outlining a dangerously denied side of the story. I am wondering how much ignorance or propagandistic messages - or both - in the sayings of all those who are lecturing about peace, restrain to the use of force, understanding and humanism. States are not intending to do good or wrong, in ethical terms, but to follow their objectives of survival, as much as possible in accordance with the international legislation. In order to have a dialogue, you need two - dia - persons/institutions/entitites respecting each other/recognizing their equal legitimacy to talk. This double life of some representatives of the Palestinians - preaching the victim the day, while sleeping in peace during the night being sure the rockets are continuing to harm people and the territory of Israel - is at least mentally damaging. For sure, it is hypocritical.

I think the syntagm "useful idiots" from Cohen's article, used during the Cold War to describe Soviet sympathizers in Western countries might be used very well for many of the "innocent" peace doves addressing the issues of the Middle East.

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