Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bibi on Air

While in US, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu spent one hour on Larry King live. Relaxed and extremely diplomatic facing a very much inside-the-box Larry King.

Nothing new in terms of foreign policy steps, but a welcomed intervention in the international media, vital given the very bad image of the state of Israel, in the light of the Mavi Marmara incident. But still:

- Outlining the continuity and the very good relations with the US and the coherence of the dialogue behind the close doors, including with the current administration.

- The need to continue the dialogue with Turkey, what have been done already. He mentioned a recent meeting between one of the representatives of the Israeli prime minister and the foreign minister of Turkey, as one of the opportunities seized by Israel "to stop this deterioration". He outlined the new foreign policy ambitions of Ankara, driving the country out of the West. In the same time, we want to outline, Israel itself is changing focusing on a foreign policy built around the idea of relying on itself and not on any foreign forces. Here it is an example in this respect, we will analyse in a next post soon.

- The generous and stereotypical idea of peace: The state of Israel is open, want this peace, but the answers by far from the side of the Palestinians are not answering this need. The freezing was presented as an extraordinary gesture from the part of the state of Israel, not answered accordingly. "We have the courage to have peace" is an understatement, when rockets are fired daily and you have a soldier captive for four years in the hands of Hamas.

- Very ironic - normal Israeli style - when asked about the relation with the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, minimizing her by references to the dialogue he had with her husband.

A very casual encounter, anyway.

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