Monday, January 6, 2014

New series of Foreign Policy Focus reports

Various writing and professional assignments kept me away the last year from my foreign policy interests. I continued to read and watch the latest evolutions on the international stage, but did not have too much time and energy to organize my thoughts and to publish too many articles on my blog.
This time, I promise a serious come back, with a new book that probably will be ready in maximum 2 months on a very challenging topic - to be disclosed at a certain unexpected moment - new analysis ready in the next days and also new country reports that I call: Political Guides, covering country profiles and insights about the world countries (if everything will go as expected, I plan to publish at the end of the year a full e-book). I will focus especially on the Middle East and Europe, but also on the influence on social media on daily diplomatic works. An old dream of mine is to try to analyse the frozen conflicts especially from the point of view of the soft diplomacy efforts and its failures and successes. 
Compared with the other years, I plan to be more involved in covering life foreign policy events, mostly in Europe, but also publishing interviews and regular contributions with and from respected authorities on various topics.
Last but not least, I have plenty of books and booklets and reports and other information that I should read as fast as I can for regular reviews. Time is always a serious challenge, and I will try to cope with it in the most gracious way.

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