Wednesday, November 7, 2012

America goes on...

International politics will always be my passion, but sometimes it is better to focus on other topics while politics will continue their 'business as usual' rhyme. But, even though I was able to avoid as much as possible to enter into the details of the US elections, trying to see instead how social media is used, today it is a good day to: 1. update my blog after a long absence  2. to share my thoughts about the issue.

I was not sure that Obama has all the cards to be a winner, but was not sure either that Romney could be a winner after all. For years, I got so disappointed with the Republican party and their choice of candidates that could convince more people to vote. I had so many concerns about Romney, his attitude and his background because I cared about what kind of candidate will oppose Obama. 

As usual, America is the country of all possibilities. It is hard to believe all the stories about irregularities in the world's biggest democracy. But it is even harder to understand how natural disasters as Katrina or the latest Sandy whipped out in only a couple of seconds entire areas. In some NY areas, people are still without gas and electricity. People are getting poorer and fighting more social problems than before, but they will rather like a 'middle class' hippie than someone with money. Who knows what a 'Occupy White House'-type of president will be elected in the next four years?

Because I do not live in the States, my concern is about the US foreign policy. I am curious - and very interested - who the new foreign secretary will be, hoping that the American diplomacy will - finally - got what it deserves. Maybe it did not matter too much for the average Ohio and Virginia voters, but when one of the diplomats of your country is killed something might be wrong in the kingdom. Maybe Hillary Clinton will be more than ever interested to be the next candidate, as the failure in Libya will be forgotten. But the diplomats will always remain the quiet army of a strong country.

Facts are facts and the reality shows that Pres. Obama will continue to stay at the White House for another four years. Changes are needed and surprises are expected. As it will be his last mandate, he will care less about the diplomacy games of the reelection and thus, no wonder if there will be more mistakes. Maybe the Middle East will suffer a bit more, and the president will pay back some bills from the first mandate. What is important is to take care of the US national interest and one of them is to do not forget the democratic values that country always believed in. When democracy suffers, it is also against the American interests. For now, it is more wishful thinking. Will continue to watch the reality. 

Good luck, America!

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