Monday, May 2, 2011

Salman Rushdie on Pakistan's paranoia and inefficiency

Sir Salman RushdieImage via Wikipedia//Salman Rushdie
It's much to be said about the latest events following Osama bin Laden's successful elimination. I followed yesterday the reactions in the Arab world and other details about the operation and I'm not surprised that less then 10 hours after the announcement, the conspiracy theories are mushrooming. 

But for a better picture we always need time, so I will focus for the moment upon an interesting article by Salman Rushdie, about the significance of the success of the operation for the US-Pakistan relations. I wonder for how long the US/Allied forces tried to capture the no.1 terrorist and their plans were affected by various operational problems on the ground with the Pakistanis. Anybody wondering about Musharraf's reaction?
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