Monday, March 8, 2010

The Gods for political use

This news do not have too much to do with: politics, geopolitics, intelligence, terrorism or countering terrorism. In some respects, it does with certain international PR, but at a very show-business level.
The story is about the book the son of a founder of Hamas, Sheikh Hassan Yousef, is gonna publish very soon, about his relationship with Shin Beth, the Israeli home security services. For sure he prevented and saved many lives. But, what he is more focusing about is his "religious revelation". A kind of competition in between who is the best "god". Because, during his operational activity in dismantling Hamas he decided to convert to Christianism. And, it is how he arrived in the US, following the networks of Christian missionaries and finally left his "intelligence" interests.
In some respects I am curios what his book will bring new about Hamas and terrorism. In some other respects, I am not so curious, as long as I could bet it is another testimony of religious brainwashing.
In direct connection with this mixture between terrorism and religion, I am wondering sometimes how it is possible to be so blind and do not think that your actions are endangering the people you assume you want to save, represent, defend. I've read recently how, for example,a couple of years ago Hamas intended to assasinate one of the sons of Ariel Sharon. Just because "they" wanted to destroy the family of the former prime minister. Without ever thinking about what consequences such an act could produce. Terrorism do not have nothing to do with people with reason or with pondered decision. Nothing.

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