Thursday, February 11, 2010


A very candid and innocent question. Maybe more than one.
I am watching these days the last "evolutions" in the case of Iran. I previously watches what happened during the post-electoral unrest. As well as the moves from the nuclear camp.
Thus: why the usual anti-atomic movements are silent in this case? It is more than pollution here, it is a thread regarding the regional stability in the Middle East. A similar questio regarding the North Korea nuclear program, in a country were people are starving, but their regime is strengthening the atomic profile.
And: when people demonstrating against their government and are killed in the street, it is more than human to reject such an attitude. It is not about the clash of civilisations or the autonomy to take decisions. But, about human rights and the right of these people to refuse to be burried under the commitments an undemocratic power is asking them. Is their right to tell the world they are alive. Where are those are worried about the human rights in the Middle East? Iran is a proud member of the UN. It is a matter of credibility and accountability of the international institutions. And to let people being killed because a religious institution decided to, is a deep misunderstanding of the multiculturalism.

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