Saturday, October 3, 2009

Obama Addressed a More Popular United Nations

Ratings of the U.N. Improved the Most in the United States
September 21
While the opening session of the U.N. General Assembly has frequently produced controversy, the United Nations remains a quite popular institution throughout much of the world. A 25-nation Pew Global Attitudes survey, conducted in May and June of this year, found largely positive views toward the U.N. with majorities or pluralities in 19 of the 25 countries expressing a positive opinion. Moreover, ratings of the U.N. have grown more positive since 2007 in 12 of the 25 nations. In no country, though, have ratings improved as much as in the U.S. Two years ago, 48% of Americans held a favorable view of the U.N., compared with 61% today, the highest U.S. rating the U.N. has received since 2001.

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